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Let's face it, in today's computerized world, we not only want but need things to happen quickly, conveniently and efficiently. There is nothing as frustrating as a non-functioning computer or having to play the waiting game for a PC to catch up with you. With technology being such an integral part of society, a slow or improperly functioning computer will mean lost time, money or business. 

Based in Mudgee, Wicked IT will help you quickly and conveniently resolve all your computer problems. You should not have to waste your valuable time, whilst your computer paper weight, takes up space on your desk. Our priority, onsite home / office repair (covering Mudgee and surrounding townships) and in-house support services will help you get out of trouble fast. Whether it is upgrades for faster and more efficient performance, hardware repairs or virus infections, we will improve your PC (not to mention sanity) and have it ready in no time.

Come in and see us at our conveniently located office at 83 Church Street, Mudgee.

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